This page has been recently created to show pictures of past babies from MyNewTurtle in their new homes. If you have purchased a reptile from us in the past and would like to show a cute picture of your beloved pet to anyone who visits this site, please email us a picture and we will post it!
Trang in Texas 
Sulcata Tortoises - Momo
2009 Hatchling

Heather in Arizona 
Leopard Tortoise - Shelby
2011 Hatchling
Bobbie in Florida 
3-Toed Box Turtle - Periwinkle
2009 Hatchling
Donna in Texas 
Leopard Tortoise - Tuga 
2011 Hatchling
Roxie in West Virginia 
Sulcatas - Raphel & Leonaedo 
Leopard Tortoises - Kenya & Leo 
2010 Hatchlings / 2011 Hatchlings

Barb in Illinois 
Leopard Tortoise - Tatum 
2011 Hatchling

Shinichi in Illinois 
Leopard Tortoises - Diamond & Bok
2011 Hatchlings

Trang in Texas 
Leopard Tortoise - Leonardo de Cappuccino 
2011 Hatchling

Mike in Vermont 
3-Toed Box Turtles - Mr. & Mrs. Franklin
2011 Hatchlings
Dan in Michigan 
Leopard Tortoises - Topsy & Turvey
2011 Hatchlings

Amanda in New Hampshire
3-Toed Box Turtles - Bella & Rocko
2009 Hatchlings
Brianna in South Dakota
3-Toed Box Turtles - Henry & Franklin
2011 & 2014 Hatchlings
Barbie in Mississippi
Sulcata Tortoise - Tortie
2011 Hatchling

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