Where Do You Get Your Animals?

All of the animals I sell are babies from my own captive bred breeding collections.  Occasionally, I re-home rescued reptiles as well.  Any rescued reptiles looking for new homes will always be clearly labeled as rescues on the website.  Most of the animals on the site are captive bred babies from my own collection of adults.    

Do You Ever Sell Adult Reptiles?

I rarely have adults for sale.  All the adults I have are part of my breeding collections and are not for sale.  Occasionally, I get adult reptile rescues that go up for adoption. 
How Are You Different From Other Pet Stores or Sellers I Have Found?

I am not a pet store nor a retailer nor buyer/seller, like many other places.  Most places buy reptiles from wholesalers or even local breeders and then resell them as quickly as possible to make a profit.  I sell only the animal species I breed on site.  Therefore, I am confined to having babies for sale only when my adults produce viable eggs.  I can do this because this is not my job - like many other pet stores and sellers.  It is my opinion that this is the safest way to breed and sell reptiles.  Purchasing a reptile from a pet store, wholesaler or seller with a high turnover rate greatly increases the risk of obtaining an animal with parasites or infection because the animals come from different sources.  Mynewturtle does not subscribe to this type of reptile 'trafficking'.  My reptiles are parasite and illness free.

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