Baby Box Turtle Care Sheet
This care sheet was written by Jessica at Mynewturtle.  The 10-page care sheet provides detailed instructions for keeping healthy baby box turtles.  Subjects such as diet, housing, temperature, lighting, etc. are discussed with labeled pictures for visual guides. Care sheet is in electronic format.  Care sheet is HIGHLY recommended for anyone who has not successfully raised a baby box turtle before.

*See "Animals For Sale" page if interested in purchasing a turtle in addition to the caresheet. 
Baby Box Turtle Care Sheet
10.0 UVB 18" Light
This is the best UVB light for hatchling box turtles.  UVB rays are needed for turtles kept indoors in order to develop properly.  Keep within 6 inches of your turtle and replace bulb every 6 months.  UVB output diminishes or ceases after 6 months, even though light is still emitted. 

10.0 UVB 18" Bulb = $27 shipped
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Stainless Steel Water Dish
This dish is the correct height for a hatchling box turtle.  Your turtle will be able to enter and exit the water dish easily without danger of flipping over.  Stainless steel means this dish will not accumulate bacteria or mold and mildew like ceramic and plastic water dishes sold at most pet stores. 

Stainless Steel Water Dish = $14.00 shipped
100% Organic Cuttlebone
All natural cuttlebone provide turtles and tortoises with calcium.  Tortoises may eat directly from the cuttlebone. Cuttlebone should be shaved off (with scissors) for hatchling box turtles. Since these cuttlebone are organic and not synthetic, size variations do occur. Cuttlebone will be approximate size as shown in the picture.

3, 100% Organic Cuttlebone = $11.54 shipped

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100% Organic Peat Moss Bedding
Peat moss is 100% organic and has better water retention than coconut fiber bricks sold in pet stores.  Unlike coconut fiber bricks, Peat Moss prevents bacterial growth and has no history of causing gut impaction in turtles and tortoises.  Keep your turtles and tortoises healthy and hydrated.  

1.5 pounds = $18.55 shipped
3 pounds = $25.75 shipped

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Infrared Thermometer
Temperature Operation Range: 32 F to 120 F
Accuracy: +/- 5 C
Distance to Spot Ratio: 8:1

Stop guessing the surface temperature of your reptile's cage.  Create the perfect temperature gradient for your reptile and know the temperature of your reptile's body in the hot and cold areas of the cage.  Point the laser at the body of your reptile or the substrate in your reptile cage.  This IR Temperature Gun will give you an accurate reading of a 1 inch area, up to 8 inches away (D to S Ratio = 8:1).  Battery and instructions included.

IR Temp Gun = $53 shipped
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Mazuri Tortoise Diet
Good diet supplement containing vitamins and minerals for tortoises.  Not recommended for box turtles. Soak pellets in water for 60 seconds, then serve to tortoise. Continue feeding greens to your tortoise as well as Mazuri Tortoise Diet.

3 pounds = $23.70 shipped
5 pounds = $32.00 shipped

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